Aristote, le logiciel SAV

Aristote is a specialized software solution for the digital management of after sales service. Aristote takes in charge all the parameters necessary for product management:

  • Client contracts.
  • Supplier contracts.
  • Internal procedures.
  • Constraints.
  • Client and consumer challenges.
  • Quality control management.

› ARISTOTE allows substantial gains at all levels:

  • Reduction of administrative handling to an absolute minimum.
  • Major productivity gains.
  • Optimization of information exchanges with third parties.
  • Quality and accuracy of information.
  • Dematerialization of documents.
  • Easily interchangeable user tasks.
  • Major savings on after-sales service costs.
  • Effectiveness.
  • Reinforcement of client services.






Management of data access rights by type of user.

Management of user tasks by customizable Dashboard.

Totally configurable workflow.

Allows attachments on all modules (photos, Word documents, video, etc.).

Risk-alert tables by degree of risk for different services.

Task manager.

Automatic trigger module for programmed processing (scheduler).

Data import module with programmable execution.

Monitoring and automatic error notification console.

Multi-depot stock management with customizable valuation rules.

Interfacing and logistical follow-through with transporters.

Automatic third-party reminders and notifications.

Follow-through of the time limits and the productivity of the different participants.

Historization of all the stages of processing.

All-level access to records of interventions.

Pre-diagnostic function and knowledge database access.

Statistical module with customizable indicators.

Third party extranet access.

Management of customer and supplier payments.

Invoicing and transfer of postings in accounting.

What is the business target ?

  • Retailers.
  • Manufacturers/Importers/Assemblers.
  • Repair and maintenance centers.
  • Insurers.

Main functions

  • Workflows dedicated to the management of a client file.
  • Management of service contracts with clients and suppliers.
  • Automatic file status calculation using customizable rules.
  • Exact follow-through of files from product reception to client resolution through the historization of each step.
  • Hotline management with configurable scripts based on a graphical tree structure.
  • Interfacing with third party (file status and technical details).
  • Interfacing with carriers (integration into ARISTOTE of carriers specifications).
  • Possibility of using a smartphone to facilitate the data input and optimize some business rules.
  • Automatic construction of a knowledge database.
  • Technician workplan management (workshop and on-site).
  • Management of absences and working hours.
  • Repair or maintenance management in the workshop or on-site.
  • Repair help (conceptualizable formats with respect to the current breakdown).
  • Optimization of technicians rounds at the time of fixing appointments.
  • Automatic planning of preventive interventions.
  • Automatic renewal and invoicing of maintenance contracts.
  • Automatic invocing rules.
  • Management of spare parts stocks.
  • Workflows dedicated to the spare parts management.
  • Possibility to manage the stock by serial number.
  • Automatic restocking proposals.


› First software solution for after sales service developed on "full web" technology.

› More than 30 years' experience in the field of after sales service.

› A wealth of functions.

› Possibility to modify the Workflows proposed in the standard.

› Adaptation to the existing environment and organization; simple, rapid interfacing with other applications.

› Short deployment time.

› Optimized user training.

› Easy access using the native web browsers.

› No application needs to be installed on the workstation.

› Easily assessed.

› Short-term amortization.

› Optimized implementation and needs-adaptation costs.

› Reduced maintenance costs.

› Significant productivity gains at all levels.

› Client handling time divided by twenty.

› 95% reduction of recurrent administrative handling.

› Up to 30% gains on the costs of after sales service activities.

› 95% reduction of costs linked to disputes.

› Upgrade handling can be ensured by the client.

› Modification of the Workflow corresponding to the organization of business rules ensured by the client.