Logal Builder

Our tool Logal Builder

LOGAL BUILDER is a LOGAL-published application development platform that can be run on Internet browsers.

Its principal objective is to facilitate the development, modification and maintenance of these applications.

To facilitate the development of applications for execution on web browsers.

To make the development of these applications possible for actors who master neither classic programming languages (Java, C++, etc.) nor Internet technology (Javascript, etc.).

To develop applications with an eye to their professional and functional roles, rather than their technical aspects.

To optimize development time with respect to traditional development languages.

To secure developments (error inspection and signaling system).

To carry out stable, high-performance developments.

To enrich applications without compromising existing functions (rationale of libraries of business functions).

To ensure easy integration in a multi-application environment with, for example, web service technologies.

To give their company more independence in the development of their computer applications.

To be able to control and optimize the cost of IT development.

To be able to call on external development resources as easily as possible.

To be able to produce specific developments that can easily interface with existing applications and bring an optimal response to user needs.

To make the company more successful and more open to the outside world through the use of Internet technology that allows standardized information sharing.