• Architecture

    The core of ARISTOTE is based on a totally customizable workflow that depends on a substantial library of business rules and user interfaces that can be simply and rapidly integrated into the company's organization and requirements through the workflow. This avoids heavy, costly developments for company-specific needs.

    At the same time, existing business rules can be updated with new rules to cover specific requirements without calling into question either system stability or the integration of ARISTOTE standard developments. The business rules available in the workflow can draw equally well on information from the ARISTOTE database and on databases accessible by direct connection or by web services. The functional administrator can, if they wish, respond more rapidly to new requirements by making direct modifications to their workflow, without recourse either to LOGAL or to their IT department.

  • Interoperability

    100% interoperability with all kinds of application. Interfaces established with, for example, SAP, Movex, Generix, People Soft, Microsoft AX, Microsoft CRM, Google,...

    A library of APIS allows to connect easly ARISTOTE with other applications.

  • Functional operations

    ARISTOTE is a Client-Server solution with centraliZed functions. On the client side, the application is accessible in HTTP mode from all major commercial browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome). On the server side, the application can be installed on all major commercial operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix).

    The ARISTOTE solution was constructed on a development system called "LOGAL BUILDER”, which is an applications development platform of which LOGAL is also the publisher. This latter can also be placed at the disposal of clients who want to make autonomous developments using ARISTOTE.

  • Agility and performance

    › Standard workflows can be proposed to cover all the business rules necessary for the desired organization.

    › Precise, rapid adaptation to user needs. ARISTOTE adapts to the users professional activity - the user doesn't have to adapt to ARISTOTE.

    › By the high agility of the Workflows philosophy, it is ARISTOTE which adapts to the business rules of the users and not the reverse.

    › This philosophy allows the system to manage and pilot all the business rules.

    › A wealth of functional control over the business rules used in the management of AFTER SALES SERVICE.

    › The wide scope of ARISTOTE’s functional coverage allows global management of AFTER SALES SERVICE activities.

    › Allows the modification of user interfaces on the basis of existing business rules.

    › State of the art, high-performance user interface.

    › Integration of external data at all levels of the company’s processes in order to automate and to secure data supply.

    › High-performance, optimized communication within and outside the company through the use of advanced communication media.

    › Allows rapid development of business rules and processes without impacting existing versions.

    › Rapid, secure access to required information.

    › ARISTOTE secure the organization through the information system.

  • Innovation

    ARISTOTE uses the most sophisticated Internet, Intranet, and Extranet functionalities. It offers not only the most up-to-date possibilities of generalized access to the Internet market and to the facilities of communication it offers, but also makes full use of the possibilities of management and security offered by Intranets. ARISTOTE can simultaneously manage Internet dialogs with third parties and Intranet dialogs with internal services.

    ARISTOTE uses the most common web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) and the most cutting-edge, interactive, efficient, and operational treatments that can be obtained from Internet technologies.

    ARISTOTE is entirely compatible with all major operating systems (Widows, Linux, Unix, etc.).

    Integration of a process modelization module in graphical form allowing to know and precisely develop the business rules configured in ARISTOTE. This modelization is directly interpretable by ARISTOTE engine without the need resort to classic code development.

    Integration of the functionalities necessary for GDPR regulation.

    Integration of the functionalities necessary for NF 525 regulation.

    Lastly, ARISTOTE is versatile and easily adaptable to rapidly changing situations.