Commercial FAQ

Turnover :
• French or international groups (unrestricted turnover).
• SMEs and SMIs.
Networks :
• ARISTOTE is employed by all sectors (repair centers, maintenance companies, building firms, retailers, importers,…) and is installed in large groups in interface with client ERP or used in SMEs in the repair industry.

Implementation is achieved in four main phases:
• Gap analysis between the standard Workflows and those necessary for the company.
• Settings, Adaptation of Workflows and possible development needs (for example: interfaces, reports).
• Testing and training.
• Help with starting up.

Our experience acquired since 1986 in a multiple type of activities allows us to easily understand the needs of our customers, advise them and anticipate their future needs.
This experience has allowed us to be able to propose very complete Workflows which enable each client to optimize the implementation and analysis phases and finally their organization regarding the management of their after-sales service.
The agility of the ARISTOTE solution, based on 100% configurable Workflows, allows the system to adapt quickly and precisely to all future business needs.

ARISTOTE integrates all the possible communication media (flat file, XML, web service, etc.) and a library of connectors to facilitate interfacing with other applications.
Interfacing can be carried out specifically for each client or through the use of the ARISTOTE API library.

Yes, the client can exercise a first level of independence directly in ARISTOTE itself.
Full independence is possible with the acquisition of LOGAL BUILDER.

For the first level, training can be organized for the client’s administrators.
This allows the client to modify their business processes without acquiring LOGAL BUILDER.
For example: the addition of a supplementary step between supplier order and supplier reception corresponding to the "supplier packing list". This step would allow importation of the suppliers’ dispatch data to facilitate reception.

Only training for the workflow modification function in ARISTOTE is necessary, and requires no programming skills.

However, the client must first ensure the following stages:
• Defining their need and the modifications to be made by directly visualizing the graphic that matches the corresponding workflow in ARISTOTE.
• Making thereafter the modification to the corresponding ARISTOTE workflow.
A library of business rules allows to automate actions at all levels.

It isn’t necessary to acquire LOGAL BUILDER to modify the workflow corresponding to the organization’s workflow.
Acquiring LOGAL BUILDER becomes necessary if you want to modify certain user interfaces or to create new functionalities that require the implementation of new screens.

LOGAL BUILDER is essentially based on the manipulation of events present in the library.
On the technical side, it’s only necessary to know SQL. Indeed, each function manipulates data which is generally provided by the ARISTOTE database or by another database in direct connection or through web services.

Can we create new functionalities ourselves ? Yes, LOGAL BUILDER allows the creation of a new function which will be added to the library of existing functions. Consequently, the standard ARISTOTE evolutions will not erase the developments made by out clients.

ARISTOTE allows you to manage AFTER SALES for all kinds of product.
The configuration of AFTER SALES rules can therefore be differentiated according to types of product or to the product itself.

We pursue a policy of continuous R&D to ensure the constant development of our application and to remain at the forefront of technological innovation. As proof: very few software publishers took the risk of redeveloping their solutions on web platforms before the 2000s – but LOGAL was among the first. The solution also undergoes continuous functional development to offer our clients increasingly powerful and modular applications.

Sustainability can also be guaranteed if the client acquires LOGAL BUILDER, which will allow them complete internal control over the totality of the ARISTOTE solution.

Nowadays, LOGAL isn’t the only developer offering AFTER SALES applications, nor even the sole developer to use web technologies in their development platform.

What principally distinguishes LOGAL from its competitors is:
• The experience acquired since 1986 in the field of AFTER SALES solutions and in the different needs of companies. This allows us to place our expertise at the service of our clients and to bring efficacious, long-term solutions to their challenges.
• The fact of having redeveloped our applications on new Internet technologies just over twenty years ago, which is also a major element of differentiation. Very few developers working in AFTER SALES solutions took the step of rewriting their applications at the end of the 90s. This has allowed us to develop complete mastery of the technology and, from this, to propose today an application that is function-rich, highly stable, and operationally rapid.
• The fact that all the functionalities of our application are based on the single ARISTOTE motor. To cover the same functional perimeter, our competitors generally integrate modules developed by other publishers into their solutions. The difference of our approach allows us to bring an immediate response to their needs, a better guarantee of projected results, an overall coherence in the global architecture of their systems, and thus favors the long-term sustainability of their investment.
• The great adaptability of our application to specific client needs. This allows an optimization of implementation costs and a more rapid return on investment.
• In the high degree of autonomy that our clients can enjoy in the different reconfigurations of the application to follow modifications of their organization or practices.
• In the reduction to a strict minimum of the costs of implementation and modification as a result of the autonomy in revising their systems made possible to our clients and as a result of the substantial modularity of our application. This also allows a response to their needs at a reduced cost in cases of externalization of their action.

Our philosophy is to offer above all a real organizational consulting service and to bring serious expertise in the installation and implementation of the system from the before-sale phase right through to roll-out.
We listen to our clients, and try to propose rapid, efficient, long-term solutions without losing sight of the returns each expects on their decision to invest.

The satisfaction of our clients is of course our principal concern.
All the actions we take, from the significant efforts we make in R&D each year (technological and functional aspects) through to our profound desire to ensure an irreproachable quality of service to our clients, are the bases which allow us to give long-term satisfaction.

The modularity of our solution and the possibility of full client control over the system are also concrete proof of our desire for transparency and for a healthy, harmonious collaboration with our clients.