Aristote Services

The specialised software tool for the digital management of client services

Aristote Services simplifies client service management

Full management of client requests up to resolution

Historical record flags and tracking

Management of service contracts with suppliers

Quality control

Automatic construction of a knowledge base

Examples of functions

Who is Aristote Services for?


Manufacturers, Importers, Assemblers

Repair and Maintenance Centers


The principal functions of the Aristote Services software

  • Preset workflows dedicated to the management of a client dossier.
  • Management of service contracts with clients and suppliers.
  • Automatic client file referral using customizable rules.
  • Follow-through of dossier from product reception to client resolution thanks to timestamping of all intermediary steps.
  • Preset workflows dedicated to the management of spare parts.
  • Call management with customizable scripts in the form of hierarchy graphics.
  • Automatic constitution of a knowledge base.
  • Technician timetable management (workshop and on-site).
  • Repair management in the workshop or on-site.
  • Sub-contracting management.
  • Repair aid (contextualized media depending on malfunction).
  • Optimization of technicians’ rounds at the time of fixing appointments.
  • Customer asset management.
  • Automatic planning of preventive interventions.
  • Intervention management on mobile support in online or offline mode.
  • Renewal and automatic invoicing of maintenance contracts.
  • Automatic invoicing rules.
  • Rules of invoice monitoring.
  • Reinvoicing under warranty.
  • Client, supplier and subcontractor portal.