Why choose Aristote?

A flexible, effective and dynamic software tool

Aristote allows substantial returns at all levels

Reduction of administrative tasks to the absolute minimum and important gains in productivity

Optimization of information-sharing with third-party systems ensuring quality and precision

Ease of implementation, dematerialization of documents and easily interchangeable user tasks

The solution pilots the company in a spirit of artificial intelligence

A polyvalent and customizable management tool

Aristote displays a wealth of functions. Thanks to its Block Chain concept, the tool pilots the company and provides notifications in real time of abnormal situations, allowing deciders to make substantial economies of time. The solution is tried and tested and is stable and effective. It’s also entirely secure and in accord with current regulations.

Aristote also keeps abreast of change. It’s available as a package on the Cloud. Payment is on a monthly basis with no surprises, and comprises the full range of services (hosting, backups, maintenance, client support and user rights). This is calculated on the basis of either data volume or the number of users.

While it’s offered in the form of packages based on preset business workflows, Aristote can be personalized while remaining standard. This approach allows clients to profit in the long term from a solution that can be rapidly adapted to their changing needs and also undergoes standard technological evolution.

Logal’s expertise

For more than 30 years, Logal has been an expert in the management of sales and after sales service. Our attentive technical and commercial teams are entirely dedicated to our clients’ complete satisfaction. Indeed, loyalty is one of our fundamental objectives.

Driven by innovation, Logal was one of the first editors in the early 2000s to have commercialised its solution in “full internet” mode. Logal continues to invest 25% of its turnover in research and development.

Above and beyond our versatile management solutions, we also offer various services such as organisational consulting, help in configuring business rules or customized adaptations.

Logal is committed to the highest levels of availability of its solutions.