Aristote basic functions

Aristote takes into account all the parameters necessary for optimal, effective management

Aristote adapts rapidly thanks to its modularity 






Multi-time zone

A polyvalent and customizable management tool.

  • Management of data access rights by type of user.
  • Pilotage of user tasks by personalizable dashboard.
  • Totally customizable workflow.
  • Allows attachments on all modules (photos, Word documents, video, etc.).
  • Risk-alert tables by degree of risk for different services.
  • Task manager.
  • Automatic trigger module for programmable processes.
  • Data import/export module with programmable execution.
  • Monitoring console with automatic notification of anomalies.
  • Multi-depot stock management with customizable valuation rules.
  • Stock management possible by serial numbers.
  • Stock inventory management.
  • Automatic restockage proposals.
  • Interface and logistic tracking with transporters.
  • Automatic third-party reminders and notifications.
  • Monitoring of the time limits and productivity of different actors.
  • Logging of all the stages of realization of a process.
  • All-level access to client history.
  • Possibility of using a mobile support to optimize certain processes.
  • Statistical module with customizable indicators.
  • Third-party extranet access.
  • Client and supplier invoicing.
  • Management of clients’ and suppliers’ outstanding accounts.
  • Invoicing/management of payments and transfer of postings in accounting.

Examples of functions